Inteligator - Review

Inteligator is an investigative services provider that allows you to conduct email address lookup and find someone's email address easily. The website is a further confirmation of how far the internet has been able to shape the ways things are done. Through this website, you can conduct an email address lookup into millions of personal files of people all over.

What Can You Achieve With Inteligator?

With this service, you can conduct email address lookup to access the following information without any difficulty: name and address; phone number; birth and marital information; family background information; unlimited background searches; unlimited sex offender searches; warrant records; court and arrest records; and many more.
Through their database, you can find someone's email address discreetly, and without raising any dust. That means your privacy is as good as guaranteed even while you run a check on others.

Investigative Services - Beyond Email Lookup

Inteligator, as an investigative services provider, goes beyond email address lookup services. Their wide array of investigative services include reverse phone lookup, criminal record searches, background checks, access to birth records, marital records, sex offender's registry and many more public records. Inteligator offers one of the largest databases on the internet. That means you can access records of millions of people all over the United States easily.

Pricing is one of the best recurring payment sites that offer you the opportunity to cancel your payment plan without any complication.
$1 Trial - They offer a $1 trial for 4 days to test their services to see for yourself what the quality of their services.
$19.95 Per Month - After the trial period, you get billed automatically $19.95 per month. This allows you access to all their services including email address lookup, phone lookup, background check, and lots more.

Customer Service

Customers will no doubt have some few questions or complaints to make concerning the use of some of the features. That is why there is an existing online customer services section to handle different cases that may arise.

Any Downside?

Well if you are only interested in just basic email lookup information, then you may consider this service expensive and you may want to use a cheaper service or a one-time payment service.
But if you want detailed information and also want to access criminal records, sex offenders registry, court records, marriage records, phone records and much more then Inteligator is the way to go.


All in all, Inteligator is a highly recommended investigative services provider that provides detailed and accurate results for email address lookup and other lookup services.