Infotracer - Review

Infotracer provides accurate and detailed email lookup services. With this site, you can lookup email address of people easily. All you need to get detailed information on people is their email addresses.

Unique Search/Check Method

They provide a unique way of helping you carry out a check on their database. This unique method guarantees your privacy; as long as your reasons for using the website are legitimate and do not violate terms and agreements as presented by the website or relevant laws within the United States of America.
The process is simplified into three different categories; fill out the form with the email address of the sender/friend/colleague, submit your search report or click the search button, and view the full report.


Infotracer allows you a 7 day trial of its services. This is an indication to the fact that the company has a lot to offer. Cancellation can be made by you if you are unsatisfied with their services before the trial period expires.

More Than Email Lookup

One of the great things about Infotracer is that their services extend beyond just email lookup. They also provide other forms of investigative services, this includes reverse phone number lookup, people trace service, background checks, criminal records lookup, and other public record searches.

Pricing (Recurring Payment Plan)

They are among the best recurring payment sites, and payments are automatically billed to your credit or debit cards every 30 days. As long as your subscription remains active, you will be allowed access to the information of lots of email address owners.
Free 7 day Trial - for the first 7 days, you can check out all their services for free.
$19.95 Per Month - After the 7 day trial period, you will be billed $19.95 per month. But this is not just for email address lookup, the payment covers phone lookup, criminal records lookup, background checks, and access to all public records.

Email Lookup Results

Email address lookup results may include name, address, phone number, and access to criminal records and other public records. You can also find people's email addresses easily if all you have is a name. Results to go with the email address may include street address, phone number and access to all public records information of the person of interest.

Customer Services

You can fill out an online form if you have any question not covered in the frequently asked question section (FAQ). This will enable the customer service agents to pick up your questions or complaints and get back to you as soon as possible.

Any Downside To Using Their Services?

Pricing is the only thing that comes to mind. If you are only interested in basic email information, then using Infotracer may not appeal to you as there are other options like Email Finder and Email Tracer with one-time payment options for basic information on email address owners.
But if you actually want detailed info that includes criminal record information, birth records searches, phone lookups, sex offenders search, background checks, and other access to over a billion public records, then Infotracer really offers a great deal.


Infotracer offers reliable and detailed services to lookup email address, find someone's email address and even phone lookup and public record checks.

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