Email Tracer - Review

Email Tracer is a recently established but fast growing email address lookup directory that is now getting worldwide recognition for helping people trace email address information.
The company has steadfastly continued to expand its database, in order to meet the yearning needs of its numerous customers. They will help you find or uncover information that includes the following: name; address; telephone number; and any other relevant details. That means anyone can find any information he or she wants from just an email address using this reliable lookup service.

Two Search Options

Email Tracer offers two ways of searching for people through their database. These two options include; the search by name and the search by email address options.
The Search by Name Option - Email Address Lookup
The search by name option allows customers to search the database for anyone by simply inserting the person's first and last name to find his/her email address. Apart from providing the first and last names of someone, users could also provide the city and state (not compulsory) if they want to narrow down the search.
The Search by Email Option - Find Someone's Email Address
The search by email option allows users to search by email address and get information such as; name, address, telephone number, age, and other relevant details. This time around, you are expected to provide the email address of interest to find other details as already listed.


There are two pricing options available.
The Basic Access/ Single Search Option - This costs $14.95 and allows for just one email address lookup.
The Advanced Option/ Annual Membership Subscription - This costs $23.40 and allows for one year unlimited access to name and email address lookups. This means you can trace as many email addresses as you like all year long.
Payments can be done through credit and debit cards and Paypal accounts.

Customer Care Section

Knowing the special place of pride customers occupy in services like the email and name lookup directory; Email Tracer has made arrangement for experienced people to handle complaints of customers who visit their sites. This department is specially designed and equipped to handle various complaints made by customers; all you need to do is fill out an online form and have your questions answered as quickly as possible.

No Hit No Charge Policy

They have a no hit no charge policy, which simply means you won't be charged if they can't provide the results you desire. They also have a money back guarantee so you get your money back if don't get your desired results.

Any Downside To Their Services?

Well they are relatively new compared to pioneers like Email Finder but they already have a huge and rapidly growing database and a great customer support structure that caters for the needs of their rapidly increasing customers.


Email Tracer may be relatively new to the email lookup industry but they are already holding their own among the best of the best in the reverse email lookup industry.

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