Email Finder - Review

Email Finder is one of the world's leading email or name lookup companies. With their database, customers would be able to conduct a simple address search to lookup or trace anyone, as well as search by email address and quickly scour public records, phone book sources and other databases on the internet for the profile or identity of any email address in the world. As a matter of fact, customers can use their directory to lookup or find names and addresses, state, city and zip code of any email address.

Trace An Email Address, Find Old School Friends and Verify Contact Addresses

The Email Finder database has enough details to help you connect and reconnect with old school mates, childhood friends, family, and loved ones. This ensures that you can always keep in touch with those you love at all times. You can also verify the contact addresses or information of potential business addresses, and employees, and online dates.

Two Search Options

They offer two kinds of lookup services; name and email address lookups. This means that you can either search by name of your friend if you can't find his email address; and you can also find or search by email address to know the name and address of unknown email senders.
Search By Name - You provide the name of interest, you get email address, street address, phone number and other details.
Search By Email - You provide the email address of interest, you get name, address, phone number, social networks, places visited on the web and much more.

Unique Features

Email Finder provides some unique features that make it one of the most attractive address lookup directories in the world.
Money Back Guarantee - Users can enjoy money-back-guarantee of up to sixty days if they are unable to get any information during that period. Users can also enjoy some massive discounts if they carry out bulk email address lookups.

Customers Services Section

They have an excellent customer services section that is always ready to handle any of your questions. Though, most of the questions you would have loved to ask have been taken care of in the "Frequently Asked Question" (FAQ) section of the user interface, you may still go ahead and contact the customer section if you have any other issue not covered.


They offer 2 payment plans or pricing options
Pay Per Search - $14.95 per search. This only allows for a single email address search.
Membership Subscription - costs $23.40 per annum. This allows members to conduct unlimited email address lookups and "find email address by name" searches all year long. All you need is to click the checkout button on the website to be taken to the payment page in order to make your payment. Payment can also be made using either a credit card or PayPal account. Your security during payment is also guaranteed because orders are transacted on a 128-bit encrypted SSL connection.

Detailed Results

Email Finder usually provides detailed results for your email trace. Results may include name, address, phone number, social networks and popular places visited on the internet and lots more.

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