What is an IP location database?

Every computer connected online has an IP address. This is a small piece of information provided by ISPs in order to identify the location of the connected device. This is often used by websites who wanted to determine the location of their customers and web visitors. The IP address is also used to determine the location of an email sender.
But advancement of technology has allowed some users to cloak their real IP addresses. This means determining their real location based on a single data is no longer possible. This is the reason why a good IP location database is useful. They are known to be accurate and could trace an IP address and pinpoint the exact physical address associated with the data.

Using Email Headers for IP Location Database

A good IP location database is most helpful for individuals who wanted to trace the source of an email. At first glance, the only information available for recipients is the email address of the sender. While it is possible to determine the location of the sender through the email account alone, there is another way to accurately point the physical source. An email header is useful information added to the message as this would reveal very important data in locating the source: the real IP address of the sender.
Finding the email header is very easy once you're familiar with the interface of your email account. If not, don't worry. Most (if not all) websites that provides email accounts have articles and help links in order to determine the location of the email header. Once you've determined the email header, the rest is very easy. Websites with powerful IP location database can provide the location in less than a minute. What's even better is that these sites also stores additional information in relation to the IP address. Simply put, can also extract other personal data such as names and phone numbers associated with data. Practically everything you need to determine the sender and their location are found in good IP location database.

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