How Do You Track Where an Email Comes From?

The internet has revolutionized technology quite a few times and continues to do so each day. When you're going though your emails, you may begin to wonder where they came from. The best way to complete this task successfully is to locate the IP address. Fortunately, this process is not as difficult as it seems. Even though there are slightly different procedures for different search engines, there isn\u2019t too much work involved. Once you have obtained the IP address, you will need to use a website to help you find the information you\u2019re searching for.

In order to complete this task successfully, you will have to open the email that you are curious about, and use the down button or arrow to navigate through the page. Since the directions change a little with each provider, you may notice a reply button instead of an arrow or other button.

Once this has been done, find the show original button and begin looking through the file where it says "received from". The original source of the email will appear at the very bottom. In most cases, the IP address is located to the right of the origin of the email.

Next, you will have to use standard and full headers. It is important that you are aware that performing this task will be easiest when it is done in Yahoo mail. Once you have opened the email, use the down button or arrow to find the standard and full header. Once you have located these headers, you will need to highlight the words "full header". Next, you will need to find the words "received from" and make note of the very last line. Now you will have to copy the IP address, which is usually located on the right.

Now, you will need to open outlook email and click view or the equivalent, and choose the options tab. When this step has been completed successfully, text will appear in the input field that will be labeled with the words "internet headers". Now that you have completed this step, you need to look for the last line of the text that says "received from", and right click your mouse to copy the IP address. If you have followed each step correctly, you may now enter the IP address into the locator and find out where the email came from.

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